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We feel the fairest and most transparent way to approach this is via way of a fuel surcharge escalator mechanism so its clear to see what surcharge is applied.


So how does it work? Below is a matrix of fuel prices on what we base our charges on with the base rate being £0.90 per litre, this week’s current price is £1.02 so has risen considerably. We will average the previous months fuel price and apply the relevant surcharge to the following month’s invoices which will be published on our website, an example below:

W/C 03/05/21 £1.0150 W/C 17/05/21 £1.0225

W/C 24/05/21 £1.0175 W/C 10/05/21 £1.0175

Average for the Month of May £1.0181 – on the matrix this creates a fuel surcharge for June of 3.29%

Surcharge Matrix 2022

Fuel July 2022.PNG

AUG 2022 Surcharge 

17.36 %

JUL 2022 Surcharge 

17.92 %

JUN 2022 Surcharge 

14.84 %