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Groupage & Full Loads

Here at SSO Logistics, we understand that some customers might not send out single pallets or even have full load deliveries which is why we also offer groupage deliveries. Because we have vehicles all over the UK on a daily basis, we can take mixed loads from different customers on one vehicle going to the same geographical area and save you lots of money in doing so.


Groupage is the process whereby we will group deliveries from different companies in the same shipment with those going to similar locations.

Cost Savings

Groupage deliveries are a specialism of ours and our fleet is based around catering for those for our wide range of customers. With a range of vehicles including Rigids and Artics, we can allocate spaces for your goods accordingly and reduce your transport costs which is sometimes your biggest overhead. Paying only for the space you need makes groupage the most cost-effective way to transport goods.

Customer Focused

With small groupage deliveries, you still receive all of the benefits of using SSO Logistics. All of our vehicles are tracked and you can monitor your deliveries through our online system to access ETAs.

Environmentally Friendly

Sharing a vehicle with others for transportation not only reduces costs, but also reduces the negative impact on the environment when compared with individual haulage for each delivery. If reducing your business’ carbon footprint is something you are aiming for, groupage is definitely worth consideration.

Full Load

SSO Logistics offers full truck load (FTL) single and multi-drop services. Our large fleet of trucks is available for multiple, contracted, full load logistics as well as one-off full loads . With sites and depots across the UK, we can accommodate your full load needs into our established network.

A full load logistics service means completely filling one of our trailers with your products. We then distribute it to a location. This is particularly useful when you need to get your products from A to B quickly as the trailer will be going directly to it’s destination.

If you require options to reduce time and cost involved in transporting full load services, SSO Logistics have the expertise to help and assist you with multiple full load services.

Contact us today if you have any questions about groupage or full loads.