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How does same day delivery work?

By August 25, 2021September 20th, 2023No Comments6 min read

Same day delivery is transforming what consumers and businesses expect from retailers and suppliers. Increasingly, customers expect to receive their order as quickly as possible. Companies that can guarantee same day delivery have a distinct commercial advantage over those that can’t.

What exactly is same day delivery and how does it work?

What is same day delivery?

As the name suggests, same day delivery is when consumers or businesses receive their order within the same day they purchased them from the retailer or supplier. Usually, there will be a cut-off time for when orders need to be placed if they are to qualify for same day delivery. The later this is in the day, the more difficulties it will present couriers, particularly if the delivery is at some distance from where it is being dispatched.

While next-day delivery orders can usually be placed at any time during the working day up until 5pm, for same day deliveries the cut off will usually be around noon.

It provides the convenience of online ordering with the immediacy of in-person retail or supplies purchasing. Any business that can reliably bring these two components together has an attractive package for the end client. It creates less friction in the purchasing process, meaning that a delivery delay is removed as a factor to consider when someone is deciding who they wish to purchase from.

Same day delivery may be a great aspiration but it presents logistical challenges for the company. It also sets a high bar for the company offering same day delivery service for their goods. If they fail to deliver on their promise then their reputation will suffer.

How does same delivery work and can it really be guaranteed?

How does same day delivery work?

If you’re a manufacturer or business looking to ship products for same day delivery then you’ll need to work with a logistics company who can offer that service. Same day delivery will usually begin with the company that’s shipping products contacting the logistics company. They will then provide a vehicle of the appropriate specification at the collection point within the hour. They’ll then work to get those materials delivered on the same day.

For this reason, same day delivery is usually defined as delivery within 24hrs of the order being placed. If you order at 8am you may receive your goods by the afternoon, or perhaps even in the morning depending on where you are. If you order at 6pm, you should receive your goods the following day. This is different to next day delivery, which usually means within 48hrs of the order being placed.

Is this the same system used by global names like Amazon?

Companies like Amazon make a big play about their same day delivery services. They’ve invested heavily in delivery services, including drones and robot deliveries in some places such as Seattle. This has been replicated for food and other deliveries in the UK in Milton Keynes.

Amazon doesn’t guarantee same day delivery for every item. The offer covers 1 million items out of their huge inventory and is limited to people living in certain areas. Whether you’re a start-up or a global company, the process is essentially the same. A logistics company (or in-house logistics) will then choose from a range of delivery options to ensure delivery happens within the promised time frame.

Cut-off point

Same day delivery clearly has logistical and time challenges. It’s not possible to expect same day delivery if an order is placed at 5pm. For that reason, most logistic companies offering same day delivery to business clients will have a cut-off point when same day delivery can be guaranteed. Frequently, this is 12pm, but it can be earlier if the goods being shipped have further to travel. Or it may be later if the delivery is nearby and the goods being shipped are not large. In these cases, a courier service may be the most appropriate option.

Collection time is strict to avoid delays and possible failure to meet a same day delivery commitment. Therefore, companies need to have a cut-off time for orders from the end client to ensure that they have enough time to be able to meet a delivery promise.

A flexible and reliable service

Any logistics company that offers a same day delivery service has to be responsive. Speed is vital, and they need to complete the collection and then find the most appropriate and efficient way to get the goods to the end clients within the promised time frame. This isn’t always easy or straightforward so the logistic company needs to have a range of options they can access.

The logistics company team will collect the goods, making sure they’re handled with due care and attention. The requirement for speed mustn’t mean that care for the goods is in any way compromised.

At SSO Logistics, our same day delivery service is truly responsive. We act with speed, due care and work quickly to get where you need us to be. Whether you’re requiring us to collect and deliver a single pallet, or a truck load, the principle remains the same. We’re experienced across the full range of logistics challenges and there’s nothing we’ve not seen before.

We provide a range of versatile vehicles that can meet the requirements of any business. Our services are 24/7, so whenever you give us a call we’ll be on hand in no time at all.

Call 01744 416 999 or email enquiries@ssologistics.co.uk to find out more.

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