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How much does container devanning cost?

By February 3, 2021September 20th, 2023No Comments9 min read

Container devanning is one of the most important parts of the whole logistics process. It needs to be handled professionally and efficiently, ensuring that the goods are safely warehoused and then ready to be shipped on. A professional devanning service will make sure that the whole operation is taken care of with minimal fuss.

At SSO Logistics we can take care of the entire process, from the safe entry of your goods into the UK, their transportation to our warehouse, careful container devanning, safe accredited storage, and then final shipping on to the end-user. Because we offer a complete logistical service, it’s entirely possible that you may not even see your goods. It allows ambitious companies to develop their core services, while we take care of the logistics.

A streamlined and focused service

As a company is beginning to expand, they might consider using the services of a logistics company that can handle their container devanning for them. Many businesses, who might benefit from such a service and allow them to enjoy a more streamlined distribution of their goods, hesitate or decide against making use of it because they believe that the costs might prove prohibitive. In fact, because of the economies of scale involved and the streamlined service that logistics companies offer, container devanning and other logistics services can prove incredibly cost effective.

What is devanning?

Devanning is just one part of the logistics process but it’s a key one if the goods are to be received, stored, and transported safely. It’s the process by which a container is received, unsealed and its contents taken out. Sometimes called stripping or unstuffing of a container, it can be one of the most demanding parts of the logistics process.

A dedicated team is needed to ensure that everything is done safely, and that the contents of the container are handled correctly. It’s one of the main reasons why professional devanning services are so important. The process takes skill and experience. It combines digital technology with manual handling skills, making sure they’re ready for the next stage of the logistics process.

Typically. the process will involves lots of equipment, including forklifts, cranes, and manual handling and, over the years, skilled devanning operators will have worked out the best way to approach very different cargoes.

Typical costs for devanning

Different logistics companies charge different prices for their services. You can expect to pay anywhere from £125 upwards for devanning a 20ft container of palletised cargo and £160 upwards for bulk or loose cargo. These prices are only indicative, however, and you should contact your logistics company for an accurate quote. Additionally, with the UK’s recent departure from the EU, the average rate has been subject to increase. Devanning normally takes place as part of a longer logistics process, and the overall price will reflect the level of service that you choose.

Factors that impact on the cost

It can be difficult to give a general figure for the overall costs of devanning. This is because there are a wide range of factors that can impact on the overall cost of the whole process.

When the goods arrive into the UK, they will need to be met by the logistics company and safely loaded onto trucks or other vehicles for passage onwards via the road network. What size and number of vehicles do you require? The number of vehicles and manpower required for your shipment will be a key determinant on the overall costs. As a general rule, larger cargoes will ultimately work out more cost effective than moving smaller quantities.

Firstly, how far will your goods be travelling? If the warehousing facility where the devanning will take place is a considerable distance from the port, then the transportation costs will clearly be much greater. Packed containers are heavy, cumbersome items that take time to move. Choosing a logistics company with a warehouse based within easy travelling distance will reduce the cost of transportation. Look for a logistics company with good access to the motorway network, which not only helps to reduce your overheads, but also your carbon footprint.

Once your goods arrive at the warehousing facility, they can then begin the devanning process. This takes a high degree of care and proper attention must be paid to health and safety issues. The containers will need to be placed on level ground and the lighting for the process needs to be adequate to allow everyone to do their job safely and correctly. The workforce employed to do the job will need to be aware of any potential hazards. These can include unsecured items, hazardous contents, possible spillages, and slippery floors. An experienced team will fully understand all these issues, and any potential problems that are particular to your cargo. This will enable them to carry out the whole procedure in as efficient a way as possible.

The devanning process will normally take place at ground level, making use of counterbalance forklifts. These are well-designed to carry out the job, with forks protruding out at the front of the vehicle, but without stabilising legs or outrigging. They can be driven to the precise spot where the unloading is to take place, and don’t require any reach facility. Neither do they require a large turning circle. An alternative to ground-level unloading is dock-level unloading with a forklift. The choice of which method to use will depend on the particular cargo contents, its dimensions. and any potential hazards it might present.

The cargo may then be ‘handballed’. This is a term given to the process by which a cargo is broken down by hand and palletised. This can make it easier for warehousing and for transporting onwards. This part of the process can be laborious and time consuming, and an experienced team will be required to ensure its carried out accurately, safely, and efficiently.

The final part of the cargo’s journey will be when it’s dispatched onwards to the end-user. This might be the client themselves, perhaps in stages as and when the goods are required, or directly to the client’s customer. The logistics company should be able to offer the transportation of smaller cargoes through their own fleet of vehicles. This can be as little as a single pallet right up to the entire contents of your inventory.

As all of this shows, devanning is one part of the entire logistics process. Ensuring that you entrust your cargo to a reputable company that can competently and efficiently handle this process is key. With that in mind, merely selecting a logistics service based on the lowest possible devanning price as a standalone service is rarely the smartest move.

An end-to-end service

At SSO Logistics, we offer a complete wraparound service, receiving goods when they arrive into the UK, managing the container haulage from the port to warehouse, devanning, warehouse storage and ultimately the dispatch of your goods either to yourself for storage at your own facility, or to the end-user. This means that many clients don’t actually see their products.

Based at our site in St Helens, we have over 40,000 sq foot of BRC AA accredited warehouse units for the storage of food products. Located at the heart of the North West’s motorway network, we’re close to a vast array of supermarket RDCs. Dispatching freight from our warehouses helps to reduce traffic on the UK’s roads, and lowers the carbon footprint of your business.

We can get your cargo to our warehouse for devanning quickly, then store it safely until it’s required.

Devanning is therefore just one part of the entire logistics process. It’s a key staging post in the whole process, and any costs associated with devanning will reflect the peculiarities of each particular process.

A smart warehouse management system

If the client opts for an end-to-end service that doesn’t mean that they can’t keep track of their products. Our intelligent Warehouse Management System gives users visibility into the entire warehouse inventory and helps to facilitate the correct receipt and storage of goods.

A one-stop solution

At SSO Logistics, we’re widely recognised as one of the leading logistics providers in the UK. We work as a full logistics partner for a wide range of clients with vastly different requirements. We offer a highly tailored, premium level service that’s flexible and affordable.

Our devanning services are carried out by experienced professionals who handle your goods with efficiency and care. Why not find out more about how the container devanning services offered by SSO Logistics can help make your business more efficient?

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