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How much does same day delivery cost?

By August 25, 2021September 20th, 2023No Comments6 min read

Setting up a same day delivery option for your customers can give you the edge over your competitors. It introduces a degree of immediacy and convenience into the purchasing process. With changing consumer and business expectations, companies that don’t offer same day delivery options are likely to lose out to those that do.

Same day delivery is only viable, however, if it’s cost effective, both for the end user and the business sending the goods. One important thing to remember is that same day delivery doesn’t always mean delivery later that day. Usually there will be a cut-off time for daily delivery, and that time will reflect how far the goods need to travel.

In most cases, same day delivery is usually guaranteed on orders placed before midday. Same day delivery is therefore best understood as delivery within 24 hours. If you place an order in the afternoon, same day delivery will normally get your items to you by the next morning.

Clearly, this kind of guarantee requires a range of components in place. The logistics company that provides this service for businesses needs to be experienced, have a range of delivery options in place, and should be able to adapt quickly should they need to. For this reason, same day delivery services will usually be more expensive than those that allow a few days for the delivery to be completed.

Is it a viable option for the average small or medium sized business, or is it something that only global retail brands can realistically offer? How are the costs for same delivery calculated?

How much does it cost for same day delivery?

The cost of same day delivery will generally be higher than it is for delivery that’s guaranteed over a number of days. The smaller the item and the less distance it’s required to travel, the cheaper it will be. If you’re selling books and want to deliver via a cycle courier to another part of the city, the costs will be considerably less than if you’re shipping building materials a hundred miles. Both may be suitable for same day delivery, but the costs will be very different. However, taking the weight of each shipment and the distance they are both travelling into account, it’s possible the building materials will ultimately be cheaper to ship per kg/mile than the book.

To get an accurate estimate of same day delivery costs contact an experienced logistics company

What can change the cost of same day deliveries?

Same day delivery service charges can fluctuate widely depending on your overall delivery requirements. There are a range of factors that can impact on the cost of providing a same day delivery service. Some are more general; others are highly specific to the particular goods being carried or the distance they’re travelling.

What is the size of your delivery?

While most people encounter same day delivery services when they order small items online, it exists for all kinds of goods. There are any number of industries that require quick and timely delivery, from food and drink to construction and manufacturing. If a component or material is required to carry on work, then that needs to be delivered as quickly as possible.

Larger shipments will cost more overall than single, smaller shipments but cost per unit weight can often work out cheaper. If a truck is filled with items from a single collection and delivery then that means the costs of the journey are covered by a single user. As a result, the shipping company may be able to offer a more competitive price than they would if filling the truck took several pick-ups requiring several deliveries.

With small item single deliveries, same day delivery may not always be viable if the end destination is away from large areas of population. Some delivery companies will specialise in same day delivery around certain cities and built-up areas. They’ll make regular pick-ups and drop-offs throughout the day, and delivery can often be very quick.

For smaller items going further distances it’s likely a logistics company that’s handling the delivery will have a strict cut-off time to ensure delivery. Deliveries may still be grouped if practical, but relative costs for the weight of the item may be more than would be the case for larger shipments.

Where is it going?

Closely related to the above is where your delivery is going. Same day delivery services work best over relatively compact geographical areas or are at least more cost-effective. That doesn’t mean if your item is going from London to Inverness delivery within 24 hours isn’t possible. In fact, lorries regularly pick up in the afternoon and evening at one end of the country for next day delivery at the opposite end.

While the distance your shipment is travelling will impact on the cost, there isn’t a straight distance/price equation. In fact, cost per mile over greater distances can often work out cheaper than over shorter distances.

Does it have any special requirements?

Another factor that will add to the cost of your shipping price are any special requirements your delivery may have. This might include how the shipment is handled, or what it contains, or perhaps some special requirements at the collection or drop off point.

How do you work out a price for your same day delivery?

Your logistics company will be able to give you an accurate figure for your delivery. At SSO Logistics, we offer a flexible and responsive same day delivery service at a competitive price.

Call 01744 416 999 or email enquiries@ssologistics.co.uk

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