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Palletised Distribution

The fast and reliable way to transport your products

Palletised distributions lets you distribute your products across the country and beyond in a practical and cost-effective way.  SSO Logistics is the trusted partner for transport & distribution of palletised freight, from importing the containers, container de-van, storage then onward delivery to anywhere in the UK & Europe.

We make what can feel like a complicated and confusing process straightforward and simple. At our head office in St Helens our planners are constantly planning the most economical and efficient route for your freight to take, either via our network or through our own fleet. With our online booking system and friendly customer service team, we make your transport headaches a piece of cake.

What benefits can pallets and palletised distribution bring to your business?

Why choose pallets?

Pallets are a smart choice for a wide range of businesses. They allow for the easy storage and movement of goods. They can make transporting goods around the country and beyond simple. They’re strong enough to carry most items without it presenting any kind of issue in terms of safety. The stable base ensures that all items remain secure and undamaged. They are versatile and are easily stacked. They’re widely available and cost efficient making them a popular choice for many different industries.

When you choose a wooden pallet, you know it can be reused many times. There’s a ready market for used pallets, with many finding their way into gardening projects, fencing and even furniture. Wooden pallets are an environmentally friendly choice.

Why choose palletised distribution?

Palletised distribution is the process of moving goods in pallets from one part of the country to another or overseas. Specialist companies with expertise in handling all kinds of palletised goods collect pallets from businesses and then distribute then onwards. Most pallets are designed to hold a total weight of around 1000kg. The cost of sending a single pallet to a single end-user would work out as too cost prohibitive to be a practical choice for most businesses. Palletised distribution networks make it affordable, practical and easy to ship large quantities of goods.

What is a palletised distribution network?

It’s logistically difficult, if not impossible, for the average company with a single base to make 24-hour pallet deliveries across the country and beyond. To make it work, the company would need to employ hundreds of drivers and maintain a large fleet of vehicles. This applies to manufacturers and pallet delivery companies, so how does the latter ensure that it gets its client’s goods where they need to be in the promised time?

The answer is a palletised distribution network. This will comprise of a number of companies working closely together. By combining resources they’re able to provide efficient, cost-effective distribution for their clients.

SSO Logistics is a shareholder member of the Pallet Track Network

At SSO Logistics, we’re a part of the Pallet Track Network. This operates what’s known as a ‘Spoke & Hub’ distribution approach. The centrally located hub is in Wolverhampton and links to the national Pallet Track Network of over 90 member depots, of which our own St Helens warehouse facility is one.

The Hub & Spoke approach is a tried and tested means by which to transport large quantities of goods, reduce the number of trucks required, and drive down costs. By combining resources, members of the network are able to pass on tangible cost and efficiency benefits to their customers. Supported by cutting edge IT, the network allows for green and highly flexible distribution.

As a member of the Pallet Track Network, we have the ability to offer overnight palletised distribution anywhere in the UK for small consignments. We can also offer a range of options for economy deliveries for goods of a non-urgent nature.

Why choose SSO Logistics for your palletised distribution?

It’s not just our membership of Pallet Track Network that makes SSO Logistics such a smart choice for your business. We understand that you have to exceed your customer’s expectations for pallet collection and delivery in order to succeed. We also want to exceed your expectations and make it a simple and easy process.

As long as the transport request is entered onto our system by 11:30 on the day of collection this guarantees same day collection by 16:30 with delivery to most parts of the UK on a next day pallet delivery service.

Need an urgent pallet collecting from Cornwall today for your production tomorrow? No problem.  We can also offer timed deliveries, and guaranteed AM deliveries on our next day or standard services so you can be confident of meeting your customer deadlines without paying a hefty price.

We can even become your warehouse and distribution partner and do it all for you out of our warehouse!

If you’d like to find out more about what SSO Logistics can provide for your business, how our distribution network works, or to receive a detailed quote, don’t hesitate to contact us.