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What is pallet delivery?

By October 12, 2021September 20th, 2023No Comments6 min read

Global trade is fast moving and always evolving. Hundreds of thousands of items are shipped on pallets every week. They are in constant use, simple and safe for all kinds of products whether they’re fragile or robust. What’s more, the pallet delivery industry has evolved over the years to become highly efficient and interconnected, supporting a delivery infrastructure that takes the hassle out of distribution.

What exactly is pallet delivery and why is it so vital to global trade?

Pallet delivery explained

Specialist pallet delivery companies with a depth of experience and expertise collect and then distribute pallets between companies all over the country and beyond. Goods are moved from one place to another on a pallet and, due to its efficiency, has become the most common form of distribution across the globe.

Pallets will usually be able to hold a total weight of around 1000kg. As the cost of sending a single pallet would be prohibitive, pallets are grouped together to dramatically reduce costs. Pallet transport companies will usually offer warehousing options for their clients. Goods can be stored at a single location for direct distribution by the pallet company as required.

How does it work?

If a business wants to send a pallet or pallets, they will contact the pallet delivery company and notify them that they have a collection to pick up. This can usually be done by telephone or email or through an online portal. If your business is regularly sending pallets then it may be appropriate to set up a scheduled daily collection.

The pallet shipping company will collect the order at the given time and place. There can sometimes be extra charges for collections at weekends or evenings, so it’s important to check the rates of the pallet shipping company you’re considering. The pallets will then be taken to a central distribution warehouse. Then, they may be consolidated into different routes for delivery.

At the warehouse, staff will use forklifts to carefully load pallets onto lorries ready for transportation before the vehicles leave the warehouse for delivery to the final destination. The staff at the warehouse will ensure that pallets are properly secured and won’t be damaged during the journey.

Often, pallet delivery firms will provide an online tracking service for customers. This will allow them to click on to the link and then check where exactly their delivery is at any time, whereas some companies will simply let their customers know that their item is out for delivery. Most specialist delivery companies will aim to deliver goods within 24 or 48 hours, depending on the particular requirements of the customer.

If pallets are being shipped abroad, it can take longer, and in the case of sea transport, considerably so.

Hub & spoke distribution

Pallet delivery companies will usually make use of a pallet delivery network. This is an interconnected group of distribution companies that works together to make the shipping of pallets more cost and time efficient. The means by which this will work is through a so-called ‘Hub & Spoke’ system.

Pallets are taken to a central warehousing hub, where distribution partners will collect the goods and then transport them to the destination as part of their regular delivery and collection routes. This enables companies to offer much more cost-effective and efficient means of delivering goods across the UK and beyond.

This is an intelligent means by which to transport goods as it saves time and money for the customers. It also has positive environmental impact, reducing the number of vehicles on the road, particularly during busier times. Much of the transport to and from the warehouse hubs will usually be carried out either late at night or during the early hours of the morning.

What are the benefits of pallet delivery?

Pallet delivery has a range of benefits for businesses. Pallets are easy to move and handle, keeping goods safe while aiding their distribution. They help to maximise storage capacity, both at the point of origin and at distribution warehouses. They also allow for efficient inventory management, making it easier for businesses to quickly meet orders and get goods to the end customer.

The design of pallets is also highly effective when it comes to ensuring safe transport and good air circulation around the products that they contain. Crucially, with sustainability being such a focus for business, pallets can be reused time and again making them an environmentally friendly choice.

Pallet delivery is a flexible and scalable solution that can help you respond to busy and quieter periods for your business without too much extra cost.

When should I use pallet delivery?

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to transport goods to your customers on a one-off or ongoing basis, then palletised delivery might be for you. It reduces the unit cost of shipping goods within the UK and further afield, providing you with an efficient, trusted and reliable means to keep a lid on costs while ensuring speedy delivery.

Pallet delivery services from SSO Logistics

At SSO Logistics, we offer ,an experienced, fast and reliable pallet delivery service for our clients. We make what can feel like a complicated and confusing process straightforward and simple.

At our head office in St Helens our planners are constantly planning the most economical and efficient route for your freight to take, either via our network or through our own fleet. With our online booking system and friendly customer service team, we take the headaches out of shipping your goods.

Contact us today to find out more about how our pallet delivery service can help your business grow.

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