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What is Palletised Shipping?

By September 27, 2021September 20th, 2023No Comments3 min read

Why Pallets?

Palletised shipping and distribution is a cost-effective and practical way to distribute products across the country and beyond. Pallets provide a smart choice for a wide range of businesses, allowing for practical storage and easy movement of a variety of goods. They’re deceptively strong and can carry most items without it presenting any safety problems. The stable bases help to ensure that all of the items remain undamaged and secure. Pallets offer a great deal of versatility and can be easily stacked. As they’re widely available they’re also cost efficient, which is one reason why they’re the first choice for many different industries. Pallets are also a green choice as they can be reused many times. There is a ready market for used pallets, and they often find their way into numerous projects around the home including gardening projects and constructing furniture.

What is Palletised Shipping?

Palletised distributions and shipping is the process of moving goods in pallets across the ncountry and further afield. Specialist shipping companies with extensive experience of handling palletised goods will collect pallets from businesses, and then distribute them onwards. Each pallet is designed to hold a total weight of around 1000kg, and palletised shipping and distribution helps to make the process more cost effective. While the cost of sending a single pallet to a single end user would work out as too cost nprohibitive to be practical, distribution networks for pallets radically push down costs. It also makes the whole process easy as well as practical, whether you’re shipping a couple of pallets full of goods or an entire cargo load. A palletised distribution network comprises a number of companies that work closely together. They combine their resources to provide efficient and cost effective distribution for their clients. It is logistically impossible for a single shipping company with a single base to guarantee 24-hour pallet deliveries across the country and beyond.

To make it work, the company would have to employ a huge fleet of drivers and vehicles. The distribution network works to ensure that deliveries take place in a cost-efficient and timely manner by pooling resources and working together.

How Big is a Standard Pallet?

While there are no formal regulations determining the size of pallets, the UK Standard size has dimensions of 1200mm x 1000mm. Other aspects of the pallet such as weight, load, capacity and wood quality can vary considerably. There is also a distinction between 4-way entry pallets which can be forklifted from any side and 2-way entry pallets which have covered sides so can only be lifted along the wider edge. SSO Logistics are members of the Pallet Track Network and we can provide a reliable pallet distribution service for your business. As long as the transport request is entered onto our system by 11:30 on the day of collection this guarantees same-day collection by 16:30 with delivery to most parts of the UK on a next day pallet delivery service. We’re always happy to answer your questions and to provide a comprehensive quote. ,Contact us today to find out more.

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